Hand Churned Vedic Ghee

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Quantity Available : 200 ml, 500 ml and 1 Litre (Pack of two 500 ml)


The process involved in the preparation of Hand Churned Vedic Ghee is extensive. Satvik A2 milk obtained from native Indian cows, which graze on multiple herbs, is collected and made into curd and churned bi-directionally at a constant speed. An Indian Super Food, this A2 ghee which is a natural source of DHA, is a magic potion that has the essential nutrients to provide everlasting effects on the physiology and psychology.

Vedic Wisdom

In reverence to Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita (Holy Books of Ayurveda dating back 5000 years), it is mentioned that authentically processed cow's ghee with its Satvik quality intact, is the best food or nutriment, as it can alleviate numerous forms of imbalances in Vata & Pitta doshas. These imbalances are generally caused due to unprecedented toxins that enter our body on a daily basis. Our Hand Churned Vedic Ghee is a formula enriched with good cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. It plays a vital role in strengthening the heart and arteries, thereby elevating overall health.

Want to know more about how we make our Hand Churned Vedic A2 Ghee?


• Our Hand Churned Vedic Ghee aids in proper digestion
• It removes harmful toxins from the body and helps avoid constipation
• Being abundant in 
anti-oxidants and vitamins such as A, E, and N, it helps provide the body with necessary nutrients
• Consuming this ghee is like having a spoonful of health. It adds moisture to your skin and provides a natural glow

How To Use

• Take one spoon on an empty stomach every morning as a supplement. Can also be consumed with warm water or milk and drink it like a tea
Note: Lactose intolerant people can also consume this Ghee


A2 Desi Cow's milk 

Difference between A2 and A1 Ghee

                        A2 Ghee

                       A1 Ghee

Milk obtained from native Indian cows

Milk obtained from normal cows

Nourishing A2 Beta Casein Protein

Harmful A1 Beta Casein Protein

Easily digested and absorbed by human system

Produces BCM7 (An harmful chemical)

Lactose tolerant 

Lactose intolerant

Very good for health and wellness

Leads to many diseases

Why ORRINA's Ghee is priced premium compared to other A2 Ghee?

              ORRINA’s Ghee 

              Other A2 Ghee

Milk obtained from rare Indian mountain breeds 

Milk obtained from common breeds like Gir, Tharparkar, Shahiwal and Kankrej, etc.

Avg. lactation is 1.5 liters per day and hence milk nutrients are very high

Avg. lactation is 10 liters per day and hence milk nutrients are relatively less

Cows are made to freely graze in the interior forests of Kerala

May or may not be made to freely graze

The milk is rich in medicinal properties as the cows feed on rare and rich forest herbs that has Ayurvedic benefits 

Cows feed on grass or processed feed from factories

Churned only by hand bi-directionally

Not necessarily churned by hand

Ghee made from butter (involves a 5 staged process)

May not follow a 5 staged process which leads to unhealthy ghee

ORRINA follows all the Vedic principles involved in the process of ghee making

May not follow the required Vedic principles


  • This product is eco-friendly.
  • Since we have not added any fragrance to the product, it possesses the natural smell of our ingredients. 
  • This product can be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Individual results may vary. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.
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    Venkateswarlu d.
    India India

    Quality product with vedic touch

    I ordered vedic ghee. It's very nice and seems of good quality..I started using it every morning. Im impressed with the data given in orrina website on the Crow breeds and vedic ghee..

    Anu P.
    India India


    Excellent product could smell and feel how authentic it is

    India India

    Great quality

    Totally loved it!!! The Vedic ghee aroma is really good!!! Thank you so much team Orrina for bringing these products close to us even during these tough times!!! Your work is much appreciated!!! Keep up the spirit team Orrina

    A ORRINA Customer
    India India

    Awesome product

    The taste and the aroma of the Ghee is awesome . Totally in love and obsessed with this product

    Ambika V.
    India India

    Good quality.

    The ghee eased my stomach pain.