Every product we produce is inspired by this three-pronged ideology: Original – Rich - Natural. From responsible sourcing to packaging, every process is designed to seamlessly blend sustainability and ethical practices.  


In our search for a closer connection with our roots, we stumbled upon the wonders of Ayurveda and its benefits for the human body. Seeking to create a balance between this wisdom and our modern lifestyle, we drew the positivity of the Vedas and infused them in the rituals of today.

We celebrate the raw, original and natural beauty of earthly ingredients and craft products which nourish the body, mind and soul.


Ensuring only the best reaches you, our recipes are streamlined to keep the nutrient-rich content of our raw-materials intact. 

Gentle on the earth and its creatures, every creation is free of chemicals and preservatives. Our products contain only superlative ingredients of the highest efficacy and potency. It is a testament to the purity of Vedic recipes and our principles of making wellness products so rich and pure that you can consume them.


Nestled in the flora and fauna rich regions of Kerala, our workshop is where we handcraft formulations. They reflect our belief in time-honored ayurvedic remedies and our love for the environment. 

Pure, rich and healthy A2 Desi Milk is obtained by hand (bilona method). Ghee is churned by hand and are collected in earthen pots by incorporating this ritual into the natural rhythm. 

Bilona, a traditional Indian method of making ghee using bi-directional hand churning movements helps retain the original medicinal properties ensuring a ritual so pure and wholesome, you feel the results of the love and care we pour into our products.

Hand-harvested herbs are infused in our Ayurvedic Ghee formulations. Our processes are designed to preserve the nutrients and keep them in line with their natural occurrence. 

Every recipe we bring to life is to enhance yours.

Experience the benefits yourself. Explore our range now!