Your skin and hair need internal nourishment to retain their youthfulness! Enriching your body with vital nutrients nourishes the skin and hair from within. Moringa a powerhouse of nutrition is rich in Iron, multi-vitamin and calcium - strengthens your hair. Amla loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamin c- glows your skin and when both infused with desi cow ghee becomes a miracle supplement for skin and hair health. Manjistha pitta pacifying herb is used as a prominent herb in Ayurveda to treat skin disorders. Manjistha slows down melanin production that helps to repair dark spots and enlighten them. It works best when infused with a catalyst agent like desi cow ghee(natural moisturizer) and used both internally and externally. Delay aging, maintain youthful skin and healthy hair by enriching your body with ORRINA’s Ayurvedic herbal ghee supplement.