Vasa Giloy Green Tea

Strengthening our immune system is a healthcare priority and it is especially true for the times we live in, where immune boosters with wild claims are gaining popularity. Ayurveda has always emphasised on the holistic approach to health as prevention is better than cure.

One of our valued customers came up with this recipe after personally trying & testing it out and finding positive results! It is recommended for everyday consumption as its multitude of benefits can help you and your family stay cold and cough-free! It's a must-try recipe if you're prone to frequent episodes of cold from flu. 

What you will need:

- ORRINA'S Giloy Amla Ghee

- ORRINA'S Vasa Ghee                                                                              

- Brown Sugar or Jaggery (as needed)

- 1 glass of lukewarm water

- 1 bag of green tea

You can use any natural sweetener of your choice if you don't prefer jaggery. 

Vasa is a super herb that successfully fights against infections in the respiratory tract, it has found its usage in Ayurvedic usage for centuries! Giloy amla raises the antioxidant activity in the body as a health booster. Replacing your tea/coffee or energy drink with this refreshing alternative drink would greatly raise your body's capacity to protect itself from diseases.

Let’s get to the preparation: (10 minutes)

- Add half a spoon of ORRINA's Giloy Amla Ghee & Vasa Ghee to warm water

- Mix gently and pour it into a mug 

- Dip the green tea bag as you regularly would

- Add jaggery or any other natural sweetener for taste

Refreshing Vasa Giloy Green Tea is ready to relish!

Why Vasa Giloy Green Tea

An easy-to-prepare hot beverage that is both refreshing and healthy! This drink can become your best break-time companion. Vasa Giloy Tea can offer you an abundance of health benefits when taken in an empty stomach or before bedtime. The potent actives in this combination enhance immune strength, the body's natural defence mechanism against cold and flu.


-It is a natural cold and cough remedy as it is both antiviral and antibacterial   

-It gives instant relief to throat soreness and congestion

-It can boost immunity with regular consumption

Go caffeine-free by adding this tea to your routine and increase your immunity!