Triphala Ghee Tea

Searching for a weight loss regime? ORRINA’s Triphala Ghee Tea is an easy and one of the best option for you. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and other nutrients that helps to burn excess fat and makes you lose weight faster.


What you will need:

1 spn of coriander seeds

½ spn of jeera

3 black pepper

1 small piece of ginger

¼ piece of lemon

2 cup of water

Brown sugar required quantity

1 table spoon of ORRINA’s Triphala Ghee


How to Prepare:

Step 1 : Grind 1 spn of coriander seeds, ½ spn of jeera, 3 black pepper, 1 small piece of ginger manually through the masher.

Step 2 : Boil this mixture with 2 cup of water until water comes to 1 cup.

Step 3 : Add 1 table spoon of ORRINA’s Triphala Ghee.

Step 4 : Squeeze ¼ piece of lemon.

Step 5 : Add black sugar and stir it continuously until the black sugar gets dissolved.


Why Triphala Ghee Tea:

An instant rejuvenator to keep you active and energetic. Ingredients like Triphala Ghee, spices, lemon helps to effectively burn fat making it a great companion for weight loss.