Raja Amirtha Carrot Halwa

Festive seasons are always accompanied by delicious, mouth-watering confectionaries in our culture. We wanted to give a nutritious twist to this season's delicacies! Here are three new sweet recipes designed to excite your sweet tooth while keeping you healthy. Rejoice and relish in them with your family and friends!

The Royal blend of ORRINA’s Raja Amirtha A2 Ghee is Stuffed with Udumbara Fig, Spade Flower, Pumpkin Seeds, Carrot and Coconut Milk. These ingredients are known to boost energy and are the very essence of male fertility boosters in Ayurveda!


What you will need:

ORRINA’S Hand churned Vedic Ghee – 2 tbsp

ORRINA’S Raja Amritha A2 Ghee - as required

Coconut / A2 milk – 1 cup

Jaggery or Black Sugar – ½ cup


Now, let's get to the preparation:

Step 1: Take 2 tbsp of ORRINA’S Hand Churned Vedic Ghee in a frying pan

Step 2: Add the desired amount of cashews and sautee 

Step 3: Add 2 cups of grated carrot with ORRINA’s Raja Amritha A2 Ghee

Step 4: Add 4 cups of coconut milk, boiling in medium flame

Step 5: Add pinch of rock salt and sprinkle two cardamoms for taste

Step 6: Keep sautéing it till the milk is fully absorbed with the carrot becomes fine

Step 7: Add ½ cup of Jaggery or Black sugar as desired

Steps 8: Steam and sautee again

Step 9: Once the carrot is nicely cooked, sprinkle the initially prepped cashews and garnish with two spoons of ORRINA’S Raja Amirtha Ghee

Your wholesome carrot halwa is now ready to relish!


Why Raja Amritha Carrot Halwa

ORRINA’S Raja Amirtha A2 Ghee With Udumbara Fig, Spade Flower, Pumpkin Seeds, Carrot and Coconut Milk is a delicious, power-packed combination natural ingredients that increase libido and vitality in men. This carrot Halwa is a super delicious and double healthy alternative that takes your taste buds on a trip!