Moringa Ghee Flour

Children are always fond of sugary snacks and candied treats; Unfortunately, there's nothing sweet about the actual effects of these items when compared to the rosy picture they give to our kids. Finding healthy snacks in the fast-food market is hard and time-consuming and we still end up not knowing the exact list of ingredients used in making these so labelled healthier alternatives.

This is why we always recommend making your own healthy snack, at home! This flour recipe will help you create a wide array of snacks, both sweet & savoury that are really fun to prepare and offer great health benefits.

What you will need:

-100 ml ORRINA’s Moringa ghee

-3 gms of salt

-1/4 cup of Ragi Flour

-Brown sugar (as required)

Now, let's get to the Preparation!

1) Heat up ORRINA'S Moringa Ghee on medium flame and slowly keep stirring

2) Add Ragi flour and salt it to the ghee to a thicker consistency

3) Add Brown Sugar as desired

NOTE: Don't caramelize the Ghee, turn off the gas when it comes to the required tempreature.

Why Moringa Ghee flour

Healthy snacking habits are crucial to maintaining overall health. Our generation, going through a lot of stress and depression, are most susceptible to develop eating disorders and unhealthy eating patterns. ORRINA’s Moringa Ghee flour is a complete combo with triple Health benefit from Moringa, Ragi Millet and A2 Desi ghee that helps you create your own snacking counter filled with tasty, nutritious treats.

We're eager to see what you create using this base flour, share your creations on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #OrrinaRecipes