In the recent years, the question of ghee and its effect on health has arisen on numerous occasions. And the answer is a simple YES!!!!

Ghee is filled with saturated fats. And the moment of truth — a human body cannot function effectively without saturated fats. 

When the human body intakes anything in a limited quantity, it benefits the body. This holds true for saturated fats as well.

Saturated fats and normal functioning of the brain are closely related. And while ghee is a source of saturated fats, taking the right amount of ghee will deliver all the essential fats to the body and also enhance the taste of your food. 

Besides, Ghee, especially A2 Ghee from ORRINA, is not just an integral part used in cooking, but it is a part of India’s heritage in conventional medicine – the Ayurvedic custom of healing. In ancient times, Ghee was considered and offered as a sacred food to the Gods. And eventually, Ghee found itself being used for many purposes in addition to being used as a healthy supplement. Daily consumption of Ghee results in reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

ORRINA has a vast range of A2 Ghee. It is an Ayurvedic elixir for improving and enhancing your quality of life. Every A2 Ghee present in ORRINA is a 100% natural source of DHA, a magic element loaded with essential nutrients to provide everlasting effects on physiology and psychology. 

Did we mention Ghee for weight loss? It works well.

Why is ORRINA’s A2 Ghee good for health? 

#1 Positively Impacts The Nervous System

A2 Ghee positively impacts the central nervous system in the brain and enteric nervous system in the gut. Ghee is loaded with minerals and vitamins that manage and restores the gut lining, which is also responsible for the proper functioning of the brain.

#2 Contains Healthy Fats

Ghee is filled with the right quantity of saturated fats. It is healthy that contributes to the good cholesterol in the human body. Unlike other fat contents, Ghee does not cause heart diseases.

#3 Supports The Digestive System

Ghee consumption is recommended to maintain a healthy gut. You can have a spoon of ghee every day before every meal. It will protect your gut and lessen the chances of cancer and ulcers. 

#4 Gives Strength To The Immune System

Ghee is high in Butyric Acid content, which supports the body in producing T cells to combat diseases.

#5 Rich Source of Ideal Vitamins

Ghee is a crucial source of essential oil-soluble vitamins A and E. They are required for balancing hormones, maintaining a healthy liver, and fertility.

#6 Ghee For Weight Loss

Ghee magnifies the body’s metabolism, thus making it an ideal component for weight loss. Consumption of ghee daily burns the unhealthy fats in the body and aids in weight loss.

#7 Has Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Properties

The butyric acid in Ghee is an anti-cancer component. The antioxidants present in it makes it anti-inflammatory.

#8 Immunises Lactose Tolerance

Ghee is lactose-free. It doesn’t cause allergies or any other health hazards in those who are prone to dairy or casein intolerance.

#9 Treats Burns

Ghee ranks in the top of the safest dermatological cosmetics. It is skin-friendly and helps treat burns.

#10 Gives Strength To Bones

The Vitamin K present in Ghee aids to absorb calcium. It helps to prevent tooth decay and atherosclerosis. 

#11 Heals Thyroid Dysfunction

A2 Ghee balances the hormones, and as a result, it plays an instrumental role in curing thyroid dysfunctions.

#12 A High Smoke Point

Free radicals are accountable for cancer. As Ghee does not intervene in free radicals at a high temperature, it is an ideal component and a stable fat to cook and fry food in.

#13 Enhances Taste

Ghee is a great taste enhancer. You can Ghee for weight loss and to eat healthy without losing your taste buds. Although it may seem contradicting, ghee is amazing.

#14 Positive Food

Ghee cleanses all the toxic elements in the body and clears any harmful substances present in the body. It is one of the satvic foods.

#15 Cures Menstrual Problems

Ghee balances the hormones in the body. It helps to treat menstrual problems like irregular periods, cramps, and PMS.

#16 An Appetizer

Ghee consumption strengthens and boosts appetite in kids and adults alike. So add it to your diet daily. 

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