Is A2 ghee the secret to a healthier lifestyle? Read on to find out about its many benefits!

It's healthy, pure and its flavour is irresistible. This pearl-golden nectar has a mind-boggling range of benefits to offer, which brings it to the ranks of superfoods. The ghee is manufactured using the Vedic process and is 100 % pure. It is made by using the traditional hand-churning method, Bilona made, with the nutritive values of real and verified Ayurvedic rituals dating back over 4000 years.


6 Benefits of Ghee for our Body

1. Increased Nourishment

Due to a higher heating point, cow ghee desi retains all the essential nutrients during the cooking process. The body is able to take advantage of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, and the fats in desi ghee are good for metabolism as well.

2. Abdomen Health

Ghee contains naturally occurring butyric acid which is good for the abdomen. Adding desi cow ghee to your diet can help you cope with bowel problems. The health of your skin and hair is also related to the health of your stomach. Ghee helps to improve these as well.


3. Added Satiety 

Healthy ghee fat increases the levels of satiety which helps our abdomen feel pleasant. The level of satiety stops you from eating further and in effect helps to control weight.


4. Efficient Energy

The fatty acids present in ghee help in metabolism and also give you super-energy. Desi cow ghee will be your best ally to increase stamina in your body or combat fatigue. Finally, pure cow ghee is healthy to reduce bad cholesterol and to raise good cholesterol, thereby improving the normal safety and immunity of your body.


5. Weight Loss

Eliminating fats and dropping weight desi cow ghee is the perfect thing to add to the diet list. Indeed it speeds up metabolism to help you lose weight.


6. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

To protect yourself from the disease it is important to take preventive measures. Healthy  Cow Ghee is cholesterol-free, trans-fatty acids and has hydrogenated fats. This makes it effective in reducing the risk of diabetes in some cases.


Featured Product

Hand Churned Vedic Ghee

Made with A2 Desi Cow Milk, which is transformed into curd and hand-churned to make pure, nutritious and nutrient-rich ghee, our Vedic Ghee is a superfood. Try it out now!

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Our natural face pack ritual consists of our Hand Churned Vedic Ghee, Nourishing Panchagavya Body Cleanser and Rejuvenating Rose and Lime Face Serum together act as natural moisturizers and effectively hydrate and smoothen the skin.