We all know that pure Desi Cow Ghee is a superfood. Along with being a health stimulator, Ghee can also act as a beautifying elixir! Read on to know more.

Hand-churned, A2 Ghee, which is a skin-benefiting agent, is revered in Ayurveda for its healing properties.


Ghee for Beautiful Skin!

Ghee improves your internal health exponentially and helps keep your skin disease-free! 

Spoonfuls of taking Vedic Ghee every day can remove deep-seated toxins from the body so that your face does not have to purge them out as acne. 

Moisturize Dry Skin

Ghee helps your body stay hydrated as it increases the moisture-retention capacity of your skin. Massaging it onto your skin kindles skin renewal, leaving your skin soft and supple! If you have dry skin, you should try applying Ghee as a pre-bath ritual today! ORRINA’s Forest Amla Ghee is great for balancing your skin PH, which again helps to manage dry skin.


Preserve Skin Youth

Ghee can improve skin elasticity from the inside and out! It contains vitamin A, E, and D, in abundance, these three skin-friendly vitamins and antioxidants offer a natural anti-ageing effect on the skin. They boost collagen production like no other western superfood. Including ORRINA's Moringa Ghee in your diet from your 20's, for example, can slow down the ageing process drastically.

Improve Skin Texture

The skin-soothing capacity of Ghee needs no praise! It is effective in treating irritation, rashes, and other allergies. Ghee is rich in essential fatty acids that smoothen uneven, rough skin. Regular overnight application of a tiny amount of ORRINA’s Arjuna Ghee can guarantee smoother, firmer skin! 


Provides a Healthy Glow

Adding Ghee to your meals is a simple yet natural way to support skin brightening. Ghee helps in reducing skin blemish and pigmentation. Adding A2 Ghee to your face masks can spur faster results in skin tone improvement.

Acts As A Natural Lip Balm

Ghee, as a natural moisturizer, can heal dry, chapped lips with peeling skin. It makes lips plump and smooth. Add a little sugar to Ghee to use it as a home-made lip scrub!

Provides Oil Balance and Acne Control

It may seem contradictory, but beauty bloggers around the globe swear by cleaning your face with an oil-based agent to remove excess oil! Dab a little ghee and wash it off before using a mild cleanser to perfect your double cleansing routine. Since consuming Ghee can ease digestion, assimilation, and proper excretion, it is an efficient internal way to combat acne. Using ORRINA's Turmeric Ghee can help you see a huge difference in your appearance if you're prone to acne and spots. It can also act as a natural makeup remover.

Shatavari Ghee can protect you from period-related acne as it balances the female hormones!

Ghee is a skin savior that can be both topically applied and internally consumed! Relish in good skin and good health with A2 Vedic Ghee!