There are 2 kinds of proteins in cow's milk – A1 and A2. Although the difference is just a single amino acid, the way it is digested in the human body drastically differs.

The A2 Milk Revolution

Human intervention, with increasing demand and unnatural circumstances, caused cows to develop A1 protein in their milk. Mammals, including humans, produce A2 milk - it is the original alpha protein!

Happy, free-grazing Indian Mountain cows who are well treated, and nurtured produce A2 Milk. The physical and emotional well-being of a cow determines the nutritional value of her milk. Satvik A2 Milk is hence way better than its counterpart. 

Desi Cows produce less milk than Jersey cows making A1 milk cheaper and easily available. We are witnessing a shift in buying patterns as self-aware consumers have started their research on the wholesome goodness of A2 Milk!

Why A2 Milk?

There is still a stigma around how this milk is better. We’ve listed down a few benefits to help you make an informed decision!

Digestion is better!

A2 milk is easily digestible and nutritious when compared to regular milk. This is why we always recommend it as part of an Ayurvedic diet! Our Desi Cows produce A2 Milk, with A2 beta-casein protein, while European cows produce A1 milk. 

It is highly nutritious

Repair and replenish your muscles after an intense workout session with A2 Milk and you won't be needing those protein shakes. A glass of A2 Milk has 8 grams of protein! A2 milk is loaded with micro-nutrients like Vitamin A, D, and B12. It also contains phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin in abundance.  Milk, as an energy booster and revitalizer, can serve its purpose to the fullest when it is A2.

You can have it even if you're lactose intolerant!

A lot of people avoid anything related to dairy because of this specific condition that does not assimilate milk in the gut. But, now everyone can relish in an array of delectable as A2 milk doesn’t cause the same inflammatory response in those who are lactose intolerant like A1 does. Enjoy its benefits minus the gastrointestinal discomforts.

Keeps you young and active 

A2 milk is an excellent source of calcium that ensures healthy bones for a lifetime! Add this milk to your cereals, oats, or smoothies and revel in good health. The high calcium content helps in building strong bones in both, children, and adults.

Free of Hormonal Injections and Other Chemicals 

Our Desi cows aren’t injected with growth hormones or antibiotics to increase the output of milk like the way European cows are. Every drop is pure and natural making it safe for everyday consumption.

Ethical and Cruelty-free

Most A2 Milk gatherers are eco-conscious and are aware of the responsibilities they have towards their four-legged friends. They know that happy Desi cows that feed a variety of medicinal herbs produce the best quality milk. We should be encouraging farms and not factories! It is less stress, on the environment.

Making the switch to A2 Milk will benefit you, your family, and the cows!