From calming your mind to helping you lose weight, the giloy plant has a lot to contribute. Giloy herb is one of Ayurveda’s favourite plants used for treating many health conditions.

Giloy is known as ‘Amrita’ in Sanskrit, which means ‘root of immortality.’ Giloy plant has been in use for ages owing to its profuse therapeutic properties. It is one of the few edible plants from the stem to the root.

The most common methods of consuming Giloy are in the form of powder, capsule, or juice.

Interestingly, at ORRINA we have formulated Giloy in the form of a herbal, Ayurvedic ghee.

Our Giloy Amla Ghee is a pure, hand-churned ghee made using A2 Desi Cow’s milk, amla, and Giloy. It is a tridoshic ghee blended with two magical herbs – Giloy and Amla. Consuming a spoon of Giloy Amla Ghee every day may help increase immunity and supply your health system with essential nutrients. 

Here’s how Giloy can help you live healthy if consumed regularly:

Increases Your Immunity

Giloy is a versatile herb that helps to boost your immune system. It is a dynamite of antioxidants that combats free-radicals, keep your cells healthy, and

As dynamite of antioxidants, giloy

  • purifies blood,
  • fights free-radicals,
  • keeps your cells healthy,
  • combats liver diseases and diseases caused by bacteria,
  • removes toxins,
  • balances blood sugar levels,
  • cleanses urinary tract infections.

By and large, the plant balances and bolsters immunity as it is a source of biologically active compounds like lactones and alkaloids.

May Treat Chronic Fever

The anti-pyretic quality in Giloy helps in treating chronic fever, Dengue, Malaria, Swine Flu without causing any side effects. Drinking fresh Giloy juice or consuming Giloy Amla Ghee can help combat fever and boost your immunity. Giloy is used for increasing blood platelet count.

Improves Digestion 

Indigestion is one of the most common everyday problems. Consuming Giloy and Amla ghee will help to settle indigestion and also aid in weight loss. It improves your overall metabolism, thus helping you to avoid overeating.

May Treat Diabetes

Owing to the hypoglycaemic effect of Giloy and Amla, our ghee helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels leading to controlled insulin production. It helps to burn excess glucose and is commonly used to treat diabetes, particularly Type II. 

Improves Eyesight

The lutein antioxidant present in Giloy helps in improving your vision and is significant for eyes when consumed regularly. Our Giloy Amla Ghee is made by combining these properties with the Vitamin C rich properties of Amla and A2 milk proteins that work to improve eyesight.

Diminishes Signs of Ageing

The anti-ageing properties of Giloy help in fading dark spots, fine lines, pimples, wrinkles, and reduces the ageing process. Giloy, when combined with the goodness of amla and ghee, can be consumed to detoxify and improve overall skin texture.


Giloy is a versatile herb used since ancient times. Consuming the root and plant may be hard on your palette. Giloy Amla Ghee from ORRINA can make it easier for you. Having a spoon of our ghee will not only give you the health benefits associated with Giloy, but it will also enrich your health with the added benefits of amla, which is rich in carotene.