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Nutrition deficiency or mal-nutrition is the priority today. ORRINA’s Nutririch Nectar Milk Shake is a rich nutrition supplement which will nourish your body with required...
Searching for a weight loss regime? ORRINA’s Triphala Ghee Tea is an easy and one of the best option for you. It is loaded with...
Memory power enhancing foods are required during childhood. It plays vital role in development of cognitive skills. Here is the delicious sandwich recipe from ORRINA...

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Every product we produce is inspired by this three-pronged ideology: Original – Rich - Natural. From responsible sourcing to packaging, every process is designed to seamlessly blend sustainability and ethical practices. 

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  • Spirulina Ghee
  • Spirulina Ghee
  • Spirulina Ghee
  • Spirulina Ghee
  • Spirulina Ghee

Spirulina Ghee

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